Cloud services and virtualisation data recovery in Tampa are an affordable way for disaster recovery planning, and more so in Spain where these offerings are gaining momentum.

These services are particularly important for businesses because they help them prepare for disasters that interfere with the normal Information Technology operations.

Disasters that affect IT environments normally range from natural to manmade occurrences.

It can be an earthquake, flood, hurricane, equipment malfunction, cyberattack, or any other adverse event. What these mishaps do is that they hinder the normal operations.

However, if an organisation has a proper disaster recovery plan that prepares it for any of these eventualities, it is able to recover smoothly; with minimal loses, from any of these events. The plan normally takes care of critical business operations and in order of priority.

Depending on the type of business, the cost of downtime can range from as low as $100,000 to an upper limit that is ridiculous. In addition, the extent of the disaster can really affect the operations, reputation and even cripple the company.

There are other non-quantifiable and intangible loses that the organisation suffers as a result of downtime. Besides, these costs do not just affect large organisations, they equally affect small entities. 

Moreover, the disaster plan in place can mean having redundant software and hardware at a secondary site and this comes with additional budget requirement. The use of technologies such as server virtualisation is less costly. It further lessens the stress of replicating hardware and software.

What’s more, cloud services such as disaster recovery as a service has revolutionised the disaster planning. It is inexpensive, easy to set-up and convenient. It is also proving attractive to businesses especially since they do not have the expertise to run their own sites.

In particular, Spain has Barracuda as a disaster recovery company which is like a wholesome disaster recovery provider. It is therefore able to meet the market demand of a complete back-up solution that does the replication, recovery and secures data from all servers. It further has a centralised management platform.

In addition, Barracuda offer cloud services which takes into consideration the data privacy and storage regulation in Europe. Barracuda further enables clients to recovery quickly from data loss because of their solution. Furthermore, they serve a number of clients across Europe.

It serves companies such as Grupo Lledo by providing a backup system. Grupo Lledo is a company that operates in several countries across Europe. It uses Barracuda to replicate its SQL, web and data servers. Likewise, there is a scheduled test of backup that is run at least once a month.

The backup makes recovery easy and can even takes a few minutes to recover data for several months. This sort of arrangement further gives the customers comfort about the safety of their data and ability to continue operations.