The Ugly Truth about Computer Repair


When you are a customer and you take your computer for either servicing or repair, you always expect the best. You expect that after the technician is done with it, your computer will not break down again and cost you any more repair or servicing money. However, this is not always the case. Your computer might just start developing problems soon as you reach home after you have picked it up from your technician.

What causes computer break down?

The causes of computer breakdowns are classified as either spyware, Adware or Trojan. For Spyware and Adware, they are hardly recognized by antiviruses as they are new kind of threat. The antiviruses do not deem them as harmful or that they may cause failure to your computer.

What is the ugly truth about computer repair?

You may solve the problems above by simply typing “spyware removers” from your browser. However, with this type of solution, you need to have adverse knowledge about your computer so as to get the best from the options that will be available after the search. If you take your computer to a computer repair technician, for example, he might not know how well or badly your computer operates, therefore, ending up downloading the wrong repair software. Most of the times after noticing this, the computer repair might not tell you that your computer is encountering, even more, danger than before therefore he will sort for temporary solutions such that your computer will only work for a few days then crash again. This time with more damage.

Another way that you can prevent your computer from breaking down is by using preventive measures like using the “immunize” features and antiviruses that remove the spyware programs. You can also use verified apps that block or prevents your browser from running spyware programs.

What are some facts on the do’s and don’ts’s? 

l Think critically. Do not always click on the yes button to pop-ups while browsing without prior knowledge of how the app or the program at work operates. If you are not sure about it, simply click on the ‘no’ button. It is better to be safe than sorry.

l Do research. Before installing a program into your computer, first, do some quick research about the product on the internet. Usually, there will be a lot of information and reviews about the program or application at hand. You should also read about its terms and condition of the program before installing it.

l Frequent scanning. You should frequently scan your computer using a more recognised spyware remover. This will serve a great deal in ensuring that your computer is kept in check.


Computer repair is an activity that requires keen and proper attention. You should take your computer to technicians who are recognized to minimize the chances of a further breakdown. Better still, you can do your own research on the internet make necessary amendments when need be as you are the one who understands your computer best.