This century, most data has been digitized as data recovery in Raleigh NC companies seek to move from analog to digital forms of communication and preservation of information.

  • The data and information is stored in various digital devices such as desktops, laptops, servers and even smartphones depending on the size of the data and for whom its being stored e.g. for .
  • Large companies and organizations their information is stored in servers . time reaches when vital data has to be retrieved from whatever source it was stored for various reason say investigations, in .
  • This case digital investigation; it may prove a little difficult but let’s examine the best free tools that will help you in digital forensic investigation. 
  • The tools are classified based on the devices they operate on or the area in the devices they work on 

Computer forensics; 

This is a platform that uses computers to investigate and find evidence from digital data in them several applications are helpful in this; 

1.) SAN 

This is a multipurpose forensic operating system that will enable you find data from anywhere in your system. For investigators this is the way to go as it retrieves data from which ever corner of the system its hidden then analysis is done so as to separate the data and you get the exact thing you are looking for or lack it as investigations may either be to exonerate one, or find evidence that links them to a crime if any that is committed. 

2.) Pro discover basic 

Like the SAN, it’s a computer forensics tools. It seeks to find evidence or the required information from forensic images, once an image is fed to the application, it analysis it and retrieves all the data relating to the image, then reports on the findings. It’s an easy and interesting way to acquire evidence and also cheap given that the application is free. 

3.) Sleuth kit 

This is an open source application used in computer forensics for in depth analysis of data so as to retrieve evidence. Useful mostly for hard drives and may also be used with smart phones. Like the pro discover basic, it can also be used to analyze information from a forensic image and recover files from the image and report on them. 

Memory forensics  

As the name suggests it’s a tool that leans more on the memory of the devices to acquire important information, the main is; 


It carries out malware analysis and enables you acquire information from the volatile memory of the computer or other digital devices.

You are able to view the open networks, socket and network connections and acquire information about running processes and registry hives and from there draw conclusions or rather find the require evidence. 

Well investigations can never be much easier with tools to aid in them, download one of the applications today and make your work easier and much more interesting.

It’s always good to enjoy the work that you do and with the best free tools that will help you in digital forensic investigations, investigations can never be much more fun and interesting.